When Should my Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

As a new parent, with a young child starting to show some new teeth, you
might be wondering when you should bring your bundle of joy in for their first
dentist appointment

Child happy at the dentist

Before a child’s first birthday is the ideal time to introduce them to a dentist. Whether your child has teeth or not, it’s good to introduce healthy habits and mouth checkups. Dentists will check gums and tooth growth. However, most families wait until a child is 2 or 3 to introduce them to the monthly tooth check up and cleaning.

Waiting longer than that increases your child’s risk for growing plaque on their teeth before their first dentist appointment, and that is not good for dental health.

It’s common for parents to not consider superior dental health because their children will eventually lose their baby teeth anyways. This is very inaccurate. Even though you cannot see the child’s adult teeth, it’s important to know that they’re growing in safely and the child is experiencing healthy maintenance for their teeth and gums. Proper care can save parents work and money down the road!

While a family dentist can care for your children’s mouths and dental healthy, a pediatric dentist is often the best option for children. Children who are scared of the dentist often find a pediatric dentist not-so-scary. Pediatric dentists and their teams of professionals are trained and specialize in caring for children.

It’s always a good idea to have your child in for a regular check-up at least
twice a year. Give Pediatric Dentistry North a call, or schedule an appointment online today..