Back to School Snacks

Healthy Snack Ideas

With school back in session, we know parents are always trying to find healthy snacks. Not only for our bodies but for our teeth as well! With families on the go, it can be hard, so here are a few tooth-friendly snacks:
Plain or unsweetened yogurt
Fresh fruit (instead of dried fruits)
Celery with peanut butter
Sugar-free gum
If you are wanting to add a special sweet treat, Chocolate is the Best choice! Dr. Scott Morgan always likes to ask “If you had to choose between raisins or chocolate, which do you think is better for your teeth?” Chocolate is because it melts within 5 minutes and does not stick in your teeth. Raisins actually have more sugar in them and are sticky, which is bad for your teeth.
If you or your kids do have a sugary snack it is best to brush your teeth right after, if that is not an option have a glass of water to rinse your mouth!