Children’s Dental Health Month 2014

National Children’s Dental Health Month is in the month of February, Dr. Scott Morgan and I had the chance to meet some of the fun and energetic kids at a couple of our local KinderCare Learning Centers. We did a dental presentation for the children. They ranged in ages from 2-6 years old, definitely kept us on our toes!!  Dr. Scott and I reviewed with them proper brushing techniques, how long they should brush for and how many times a day. We recommend brushing for two minutes, 3 times a day, once in the morning, after school or afternoon snack and most importantly, at bedtime. No one wants “Sugar Bugs” to spend the night with them!! It was so much fun interacting with the kids, you never know what they will say. They asked some great questions and did great answering questions too. One thing we asked them was “What are some of the healthy types of food we all should eat?” Over half the kids said BROCCOLI!! So to all the parents out there, maybe these kids do like their vegetables! Also, as you know, most of us all love candy, and CHOCOLATE is the best choice if we have to satisfy our “sweet tooth”. Chocolate melts within a few minutes and does not stick in the grooves of our teeth like other types of candy. As for what type of drink is best for us, water is still #1. We would like to THANK the kids and staff at KinderCare for inviting us to come and visit with them and teach good dental habits to them. Working with children every day is what life is all about, they teach us just as much as we teach them!! Our office has so many wonderful families, thanks to all of you for making our jobs a true joy!!
Suzi Wright, Operations Manager