Kids Dental Fillings

No one likes getting fillings. However, in order to maintain positive oral health and overall well-being, fillings are sometimes necessary.  But they don’t have to be scary!  During an appointment at Pediatric Dentistry North, we will be able to determine through X-rays and a checkup whether tooth fillings are necessary.  If you think your child might be suffering from tooth decay or pain, one early warning sign that they might need a filling is the darkening of the enamel on the teeth in question.

When it comes to children and the need for fillings, the process doesn’t have to be scary. Often times, children take on the emotions of their parents.  If you’re nervous and worried, children might easily take that emotion on within themselves – making the process more difficult for them.  We find that the best approach is for parents to treat all dental treatment, whether it is for a check-up or a filling, the same as they would a “physical” examination at their physician’s office.

For dental fillings, Pediatric Dentistry North uses resin composite fillings.

Composite Resin is a composite of glass particles and plastic resin.  Composite fillings are an alternative to traditional metal fillings.  They’re strong and durable fillings that are colored to look like a natural tooth in color and texture.

Rubber Dams

As a standard of care, we use rubber dams (link) to isolate the tooth that needs composite fillings.  We call them “rain coats” for teeth.  They keep the tooth isolated and away from moisture – providing the ideal environment to prepare the tooth for the placement of any filling material, such that, further problems with the newly placed fillings are kept to an absolute minimum. Rubber dams help to protect the tongue, cheeks and lips, by keeping them out of the way of dental burrs (dental drills). They also help young patients by preventing debris and excess water spray from entering the mouth, and possibly the throat.