Rubber Dams

Rubber Dam Dentistry

As a standard of care, Pediatric Dentistry North utilizes rubber dams when performing fillings, root canals and other types of nerve treatments. Rubber Dams, or as we call them, “rain coats for teeth,” serve as a valuable tool in preventing contamination of a tooth as it is being treated.  A rubber dam will isolate the tooth from the tongue, saliva, lips and cheeks – keeping out as much moisture as possible.  Through rubber dam isolation, infection and contamination from bacteria from saliva are minimized.

We place a rectangular sheet of latex onto a metal frame and place it around the tooth we’re operating on.  A tiny metal clamp is placed around the tooth so the rubber dam won’t slip off.  The isolated and dry environment is ideal for our composite resin fillings to bond properly.

Not only does rubber dam use in dentistry reduce contamination in the operating field during procedures, it also creates a physical barrier between the patient and the dental procedure being performed, this reduces internal anxiety a patient might be experiencing about going to the dentist for a filling or a root canal.  In addition, this physical barrier helps to protect the tongue, cheeks and lips from inadvertent injuries caused by dental instruments that are used to work on the teeth.

A rubber dam also keeps any debris and excess water spray from the procedure from falling into your mouth or the back of your throat.  It provides easy-access for our doctors to work most efficiently, because it allows us to see the tooth as clearly as possible.

Our number one priority is to provide the utmost comfort to children when performing pediatric dentistry procedures.  We believe rubber dams help us provide that level of care and comfort to our patients.