The First Visit

In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendations, we suggest that a dental evaluation be completed for your child by his/her first birthday.

Baby's First Dentist VisitYour assistance is vital in helping us to provide a pleasant first visit for your child.  Please refrain from using words or phrases, such as “hurt”, “shot” or “pull a tooth”, that can create apprehensive feelings.  We find that it is generally helpful for parents to approach all dental appointments with the same attitude that you would have for your child’s yearly physical with their physician.

After reviewing your child’s dental and medical histories, a dental examination will be completed, which generally includes diagnostic x-rays that are necessary for accurate treatment planning.  Except for very young children, babies, and in special situations where we feel that the parent’s presence is vital, we will ask the parent to remain in the reception area when our clinical staff accompanies your child to the treatment area.  This will allow our staff to establish good communication with your child as they explain the procedures that will be accomplished at the visit.

Our office has been designed with unique consultation rooms that include one-way glass, which allows the parent to view their child during treatment and yet allows the doctor and staff to maintain good communication with their patient.  Although we cannot accommodate every parent at each visit, we will make every effort for parents to see how their child is doing during dental treatment.

The doctor will consult with you regarding his findings at the first dentist visit.  Many times he will request a separate consultation appointment.  These are usually done in the early evening so as to not interfere with the majority of work schedules.  The consultation is an important part of your baby’s dental care and your child’s dental health and the presence of both parents, if possible, is encouraged.  This allows the doctor to improve parents’ knowledge base, fulfilling our objective of treating your child as if they were our own.

When you are scheduling appointments for your child, please remember that the number of after-school appointments is limited.  There are many instances where late afternoon appointments are not appropriate for your child’s dental treatment.  A school excuse will be provided upon request.